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Alumni Happening

Alumni D.N.A. Series- Visualisation using Tableau

Ms. Jess Tan, Senior Lecturer from the School of Business, conducted a workshop on Visualisation using Tableau ...

Alumni D.N.A. Series – SCRUM Methodology + Game Prototyping Workshop

After being introduced to the SCRUM process, the alumni got to an exciting hands-on session with Lego-bricks!

Alumni D.N.A. Series – Marketing x Logistics

The attendees were engaged in the seminar as the topic were closely related to their day-to-day jobs ...

SUSS Entrepreneur Par-Tee 2019

Every year, more of our alumni choose to strike out on their own, some while they were still pursuing their education in SUSS ...

Craft Your Own Candles

20 alumni gathered together on 24 August 2019 to try their hand at whipping up a set of candles ...

Volunteering from the Heart

Drenched, but all in smiles. Sheltering the seniors with their umbrellas, many of the volunteers got caught in the rain but ...