uAlumni from Home – Zul

Any paw-lovers out there? I’m putting this highlight together now while my white miniature schnauzer – who strangely has a striking resemblance to Snowy from The Adventures of Tintin – cuddles up against my lap and awaits belly rubs. This brings us to our next Work-From-Home (WFH) alumni feature, Zul.

What better way to spend your #WFH with meaning, than to do the things that mean most to you? For fellow alumnus Zul, that means pampering his beloved feline companion.

Spending more time in the confines of his home has allowed Zul to dedicate even more of his time to his cat. With little treats, toys and a whole lot of cuddles and pets, he works towards being the best pawrent he can be.

On top of being in the running for World’s Best Pawrent, Zul has also ensured to keep his health, fitness and physique in tip-top shape by kicking into high gear with his fitness regime. Usually comfortable with going to the gym for workouts, the Circuit Breaker has thrown a bit of a spanner into his routine, but that hasn’t deterred Zul one bit. Instead, he changes things up by doing his workouts in the comfort of his home, accompanied by his best furry pal.


Well, it seems our alumnus isn’t just striving to be the World’s Best Pawrent, but also the World’s Fittest Pawrent too. Keeping healthy and fit amidst this period, along with spending more time in purr-fect company of a favorite pet, #WFH life couldn’t be better spent!

While we continue to keep ourselves energized and busy with everything that we can do to make working-from-home worthwhile, let’s not forget to take the time to rest and unwind, watch a little Netflix, cuddle with our house pets, and take a little cat nap while we’re at it.

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