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Welcome Message for Class of 2021 Graduates and Thoughts on Upskilling

Warmest Congratulations to Class of 2021 and welcome to our family of Alumni.

Graduations are major transitional moments in one’s life, celebrating all the efforts and sacrifices you have put in. Along the way, you will have no doubt learned new skills and knowledge and discovered more about yourself too. New friendships are also forged.

At the same time, graduating in a pandemic is fraught with great uncertainty when we go into the job market for the first time or seeking career progression. We are already in the age of disruption. Now it is not a man-made innovation but a virus that has affected the world in unthinkable ways, particularly for a generation that has been accustomed to a stable life.

However, each generation is shaped by its times. The world still moves on, offering new ways of working and living, new challenges and choices. Each generation has to find its way in life, given the constraints of the times. I hope the pandemic, painful though it is, will not be permanent.

Graduating into a bad economy battered by the Covid-19 pandemic can affect everything from future earnings to long-term health and happiness. Thus experts have advised graduates to manage their expectations.
Technology, unlike in previous recessions, is now playing a bigger role in creating new opportunities in employment. So there is the need to stay resilient, and not let “zoom fatigue” set in.

As the pandemic era economy shift and evolve, the thought on Upskilling comes to mind easily for all of us. In the recent past, especially during the last recession, we did not have so many governmental support measures like the SGUnited Jobs and Skills scheme, or the Jobs Support Scheme.

SkillsFuture Singapore has kickstarted the SkillsFuture Month, held between 8 July to 22 August, and at an opportune time. There were many good workshops organised by the different Institutes of Higher Learning. SUSS is also a part of this festival and had conducted a few workshops on 4 August 2021.

This year’s SkillsFuture Month @ SIT is particularly relevant for those already in the workforce or seeking jobs, as it is anchored around the theme of “Supporting Industry Transformation through Upskilling Singapore Workforce”. It featured a series of online workshops on trends in various areas such as Digitalisation, Smart Manufacturing, Design Innovation and Sustainability, Health and Food Innovation, and Community & Social Services, amongst others. I hope that many had taken time to participate in this event.

Let’s continue to upskill and upgrade for tomorrow. Here’s wishing one and all great success. May I just borrow an old and easily remembered motto: stay calm and carry on – challenges come and go but fortitude is indispensable.

Stay safe and best wishes.

Dennis Tan Wu Chen

Director’s Desk

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