Hatha Yoga for the Busy Mind

Written by: Ng Jin Ling | Alumnus, Class of 2020, BSc (Hons) Psychology

When one thinks of yoga, it is not difficult to associate it with peacefulness, mindfulness, and tranquility. This was exactly the ambience during the SUSS Alumni Hatha Yoga session held in SUSS on 24 April 2021. Eight participants came together for the session at 9am, in spite of it being a cold and raining Saturday morning. And what made the session all the more special was the fact that it was conducted by one of our own SUSS alumnae, Yu. 

Having picked up yoga since 2016 and attained a yoga teaching certificate since 2018, Yu specialised in providing private yoga classes. She saw this session as an opportunity to enhance her teaching skills in group settings and as a way to give back to the university. 

It was a small but well-organised session that was easy enough for participants attempting yoga for the first time and captivating enough for those who have done yoga previously. Participants truly enjoyed themselves and forgot about daily stressors as they engaged in exercises that aided mindfulness and body awareness. 

Throughout the session, Yu ensured that the participants of varying age, gender, and even health conditions were well taken care of, such that they would not overstretch and were able to manage the various poses. She guided them with advice such as slight alterations to the poses and timings to hold the positions. The participants enjoyed the session so much that some approached Yu for more advice and to request more of such sessions! 

Yu was heartened that the participants tried their best to perform the poses and displayed enthusiasm for a second class. She was also greatly inspired by the participants’ motivation to build a healthier self and eagerness to learn more for a better self. 

It was definitely a rare and amazing moment for us to take a break from our hectic lives, to truly just be at peace and be fully in the moment.

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