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Graduating In A New Normal

Each time when there is a crisis, it comes with upheavals in many areas of life and living. The term, new normal seems to be bandied about everywhere we turn during this Covid-19 pandemic. However, a new normal has been experienced many times over, for example in relation to World War I, financial crisis of 2007-2008, September 11 attacks and the aftermath of the 2008–2012 global recession.

For our graduates from the Class of 2020, they have felt this most keenly when they find themselves entering an employment market that had seen major disruptions. Businesses saw their customer patronage, footfalls and revenues plummeting overnight.  Many have to shut their doors despite decades long history. Those who managed to pivot to new business models, ride the wave of technology or seek new growth areas have managed to survive, with some thriving even better than before. The list of sunset and sunrise industries saw a refresh.

All these changes meant that our fresh full-time programme graduates have to tamper their expectations in their job search or learn new job skills to remain relevant and employable in this new normal. Our graduates from the part-time programmes who are already working while pursuing their degree studies are also impacted as they face similar challenges in seeking career advancement with the new qualification attained.   

It is during such times that community and positivity become even more important. To all our alumni, let’s rally to help and support one another. I urge our seniors to consider your fellow alumni favourably if you are involved in the hiring process within your company. Give them a helping hand if you can. And for those who receive this help, show that the trust is well placed by giving your best. Alumni can also help, support and encourage one another by sharing your expertise and insights with fellow alumni, especially those who have recently graduated. At SUSS, we also offer continuing education courses with fee concessions for all alumni. Keep learning, keep improving and ready yourself to tap on new opportunities that will come when the pandemic tapers off. There is light at the end of the tunnel, so let’s stay on the bright side of life.

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