#FacesofSUSS – Clarence Tay

At the end of my second year in SUSS, I flew to China for a 3-month internship. It was my first experience working overseas.

I was based in a remote, industrial town: Machong. Machong is a two-hour drive from the nearest train station to the main city. My placement was in a factory, where I was to learn everything that the Human Resource function encompassed: from training and development of new management trainees to recruitment of blue collar workers. Outside of my main function, I had the opportunity to try a job rotation stint at the Quality Assurance and Oleochemicals production department. The entire experience was deeply enriching and valuable to my growth as a professional.
Even in 2017, digital payments and food delivery services were the prevalent norm in China. I could walk through the quaint, peaceful town at night, pick up my favourite mala skewer from a food cart, and simply pay through my WeChat app. Fast forward to 2021, some of my favourite local coffeeshops here have yet to accept cashless payments. This certainly opened up my perspective, on the convenience of traveling around with just a smartphone.
My overseas internship stint broadened my horizons and presented me with an experience that I will never forget and that I truly miss. Upon my graduation, I was given an opportunity by my internship company for a full-time role.
To the SUSS student community – take this chance to go abroad, embrace local culture and challenge yourself in unfamiliar territories. Your future self will thank you for it!

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