A Knit To Unwind

By Ng Pui Ling
Class of 2019, Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor

Lots of pent up stress lately? Well, why not try knitting! Maybe it is just what you knit to ease up. Your stress can also be channelled into creating a cool art project.

On a cool Saturday afternoon, our alumni gathered virtually for a Zoom workshop to learn the basics of knitting, conducted by Knotty Bicsie. Founded locally in 2006, founder Betsy Toh is an award-winning local artist and passionate Art Educator.

In all honesty, I am guilty that I have always perceived knitting as what its stereotypes perpetuate – boring, troublesome, and only for the elderly ladies. The image of a grandma sinking ever so comfortably into her rocking chair while her hands busy themselves with her latest project, probably for her grandchildren, would appear in my head.

If you are not familiar with knitting, I would bet that you have the same thoughts as I did. In reality, knitting is universal. This introduction to knitting changed my mind.

Under the patient guidance of Betsy, the group of us managed to somehow pick up the basics of knitting – knit, cast off, cast on. It is not that tough once you get the hang of the rhythm – insert the right needle into stitch, wrap working yarn over and pulling it down, push the right needle into loop and then slip it off the left needle.

As you repeat the action over and over, you may find yourself to be in a trance. Other than the initial stress over not getting the actions right, actual knitting work can be very calming to the mind. Research has shown that repetitive motions can boost the release of serotonin in our brains, which is linked to mental well-being and calmness.

Pair off your knitting session with a cup of hot tea (or your favourite bubble tea, whatever you swing towards!) and some background music (I like listening to audiobooks while knitting, it is really soothing) – hmm what a good break from work stress.

Next time when you are tired of the usual, you knit to give this craft a try!

The basic knitting kit hand-delivered to all of our houses before the session.
Made a mess at the beginning of the workshop, the stitches are all wrong!
Road to becoming at least an okay knitter
Tadah, completed work at the end of the session! (It’s just basic practising, but it’s also the result of my blood, sweat and tears)

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