Harnessing The Potential Of A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

By Wilson Tan
Class of 2019, BSc Information and Communication Technology

SUSS collaborated with NTUC U PME Centre on a series of career-related webinars for August and September.  In the final instalment of this series, we learnt how to polish our LinkedIn profiles to increase employability from NTUC U PME Centre trainers, Mr. Herjeet Singh and Ms. Loh Pui Chun.

The session started with a thought-provoking question from Ms. Loh Pui Chun, “Have you ever performed a Google search on yourself?” Almost all participants had performed a Google search on themselves and shared that the purpose is to find out the types of information prospective employers can gain access to. Conducting searches on social media platforms is a commonly-used method to gather insights about the candidate, such as their interests and activities that they have participated in.

Building a powerful LinkedIn profile includes having a professional headshot photo as your profile picture (a passport photo will not do!); having a simple profile URL and turning on your profile visibility. Do you know that you can personalise your LinkedIn profile URL in the profile settings? A simple profile URL should reflect your name and not contain spaces, symbols or special characters.

Moving on to the exciting part on how to hype up our LinkedIn profile, Mr. Herjeet Singh shared a few examples of memorable headlines and impactful summaries and challenged us to milk our creative juices to craft one for ourselves.

The webinar concluded with helpful tips on skill endorsements and recommendations listed on our LinkedIn profiles to boost our credentials.

This webinar was very well received. Personally, it has enabled me to gain extensive insights into how a LinkedIn profile is designed to provide employers with a digital resume that hopefully will stand out above the rest and also showcase our best skills.

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