Still Struggling With Life During This Pandemic?

4 Tips to Help You Recover

Several times a week I would see posts in different forums about how people are still feeling overwhelmed, stuck, tired of wearing masks, tired of their kids wearing masks, tired of social distancing, missing their usual activities, not feeling like themselves and much more. With much of life having changed since the pandemic, remaining changed and constantly changing, our health has inadvertently been impacted. In the UK almost two-thirds of people have reported worse sleep during this pandemic . Also in a recent “Study on the effects of Covid-19 and lockdown in Italy, Spain and United Kingdom” by Open Evidence; they found that at least 61% of individuals have felt down, depressed or hopeless about the future for one day during the past week.

Here are 4 tips to help you recover if you are still struggling with life right now:

1. Speak to a professional therapist or psychologist online

Whilst you may get some useful tips from friends and family, and they may have your best interest at heart — they are most likely not mental health practitioners. If you are overwhelmed, anxious or feel depressed for more than a week please arrange to speak to a Psychologist or Therapist.

How: Reach out to your local health authority about how you can go about making an appointment with a mental health professional.

2. Focus on what you’ve done right and achieved.

With so much of activities stalling — you may feel like your life is at a stand still. But instead of focusing on what could be happening or what you could be doing, focus on some of the positive memories of what you have achieved or done during this pandemic. A 2017 study found that recalling positive memories can provide a buffer in the face of stress.

How: Write down 3 things you have achieved or done well during this pandemic.

3. Do something every day which makes you happy

Last year, a very dear friend of mine, Marta passed away (she is still dearly missed) and I always remember one of the best advice she gave me when I was feeling very down and stuck — “Just do something which makes you happy”. So even if you feel down and stuck, remember to follow the path of doing something which makes you happy.

How: Reflect on what is something which makes you happy and do just that (e.g. making a cup of tea, painting, cycling, etc).

4. Reconnect with friends or family members every week

When I was a month into the lockdown, I was so busy from moving, unpacking, homeschooling and working that I hadn’t spoken to any of my friends or family for one month. I thought I was completely fine until I had a friend call me and I realised how much I missed speaking to her. Even though I was so busy and thought I was ok, I had missed connecting with my friends and family. Having positive relationships can help one to feel more positive and less lonely.

How: Give a random call to a good friend or schedule in a call with your family/friend today.

Before we end, I do want to acknowledge that many individuals have lost their jobs, are in financial hardships, have lost their loved ones because of this pandemic and are grieving this loss. Whilst not all of these tips mentioned here would apply to you I do hope some will be beneficial to you.


The above article was first published in Medium.  Ms Bhali Gill is a Psychologist, Coach, & founder of Conscious Unicorn. She writes about mental health at work, how to achieve well-being in life, positive psychology, and conscious living. She is passionate about guiding people to discover and reach their inner potential whilst remaining aligned to themselves. Her work has also been featured in Forbes and Golf/Women.

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Written by,

Ms Bhali Kaur Gill, Associate Lecturer, Psychology Programme

School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences

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