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As the Circuit Breaker rolls into Week 6, it’s no wonder that our days are beginning to blend into one another. In between working, eating and sleeping, all within the same four walls, all we crave is a bit of engagement, and a little something to keep our spirits up as we trudge on.

In this feature of fellow alumna Josephine Oei, she shares with us about the different ways that she has tackled these mundane #WFH days, and how she has managed to make it her own!

Without a doubt, #WFH days might just be the best possible days to delve deep into your passions, and for someone as multi-faceted as Josephine, it’s not at all surprising that she has loads of interests under her belt. Being one with the Arts, she has foremostly indulged in what she loves most: painting on canvas. She has also taken up the art of colouring and has most recently participated in the Straits Times’ Colouring Contest as well, pinning them all up on her wall!

Take a quick peep at some of her Van Gogh-esque masterpieces:

Life at home has continued to be less stressful for Josephine as she continues to fill up her days with other less artistic activities that have still proven to be just as therapeutic – baking and cooking, going on long and scenic walks with her trusty face mask on, and spending precious time with her family at home.

With more opportunities to seize the day, as well as have more daily meals with the family, she remains grateful for the chance to indulge in the things that keep her energized, engaged, healthy and happy.

Just like Josephine has, we hope that you’ve been keeping healthy and happy too. To all of our dedicated readers, please stay well, stay safe, and take care of yourselves and those around you!

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