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We are featuring a submission from alumna Ng Jin Ling, about how she has been spending her Work-From-Home (WFH) days. Being the first of multiple insightful submissions, let’s check out what Jin Ling has been up to these past couple of weeks:

Surely enough, Jin Ling has been spending her #WFH fruitfully, filling her days with activities that keep her continually upbeat and optimistic. Especially in a period where many would consider to be an extremely challenging period, it’s important to hold space for the little moments that keep us going.

First and foremost, she has spent a fair amount of time getting creative in the kitchen. With her office initiating weekly themed cooking competitions, it has been the best time to refine her chef skills, bringing wonderful dishes from conception to plate! In these competitions, the best-looking dish per theme (as decided by the company’s directors) get awarded a prize. Here are a small handful of Jin Ling’s award-worthy submissions:





Finding space for cathartic activities as well, Jin Ling has also dabbled into her newfound artistic hobbies, such as painting-by-numbers and embroidery. Take a look at some of her mesmerizing masterpieces:

Tapping into her creative vein and having an outlet – or rather, a choice few – for her frustrations and worries has allowed her to have many things to look forward to.

We’re heartened to know of the ways and means that Jin Ling has kept the rays of sunlight in her life glowing strong and undeterred. Just like Jin Ling has done so for herself, let us all take this moment to remember to stay optimistic, and let live as we work from home!

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