uAlumni from Home – Jaszarel

“I actually enjoy this Circuit Breaker (CB),” Jaszarel shares gleefully. “After studying at SUSS for so many years, I finally get to spend more time with my kids!”

We’re sure that this sentiment can be similarly shared amongst so many of us as well, full-time and part-time students and graduates alike. Whether it is in relation to our parents, our children, our siblings, or blood relatives, we all know this for a fact – any time spent with family, is time undeniably well spent.

True enough for alumna Jaszarel, she has made the most of her recent #WFH days creating picture-perfect moments with her kids, moments that she has long-yearned for as a busy mother of two. As a team, they have gotten hands-on in the kitchen, making pizza and sushi by hand in a vast variety of combinations and designs.

They have also honed their green thumbs by planting their very own mini vegetable (Dou Miao) garden!

Outside of the kitchen and garden, Jaszarel and her two kids have also gotten their creative juices pumping, with online music and art classes. Being talented little Picasso’s, they have even drawn up beautiful masterpieces for mummy dearest as a gift for Mother’s Day!

These little snippets of preciousness with family are what #WFH moments are all about, in that despite trying times, there are always silver linings. Especially for Jaszarel, who will be continuing her education with SUSS with two more modules, the days spent away from campus and with her kids are worth so much more than gold.

Now, let’s go give our loved ones a hug, have a meal (or twenty) together, and appreciate the comforting warmth and presence of each other.

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