Stepping Back Into Freedom - What Now?

In an introspective soliloquy penned by volunteer writer Brigitte Wong, she explores her many musings about adjusting to life after the Circuit Breaker, and how to cope with the “New Normal”.

Crisis the Battle, Courage the Build

Changing in times of crisis is never easy. Not especially when it was so sudden that the world fell into shock, shaken from the graveness of unpredictability. Through it all, we have learnt much in defence; to toss out old plans and make amends.

I hope this letter brings you some comfort, a reflection upon some of the larger and more significant highlights of our growth this season. Perhaps this is just an opinion, but feel free to peruse, and to ponder.

On some of the things that will be said, enjoy reading while staying in bed.  

Crisis means that we can choose to be better. It is a confrontation, a conflict, both internal and external. Externally we have seen a very eventful season, unlike any other, oh and that is for sure! In matters of the heart, I do sincerely hope that it has torn none of us apart. The truth is always objective, our perceptions in part subjective. Yet, at the end of the day, it certainly does not befit a person’s character should a challenge enthral, and then tear within… no? Never!

At the start of this situation, fear-mongering almost seemed like a sport, and as it progressed, it gave us no rest– and it is in our later adaptations to the situation’s demands did the intensity of the pandemic then slowly begin to dissipate. Perhaps not without a slew of consequences. We remain unscarred, moving forward even in pieces; maybe this time round we will no longer be marred.

Of course, coming out of a crisis is a separate concern in itself. Upon reflecting the lockdown’s impact on creating character, it centres our growth in moving towards greater objectives in life. As intuitive as this may be, only with such insight do we shed a light on knowing the talents within us all, and defending against the next potential fall.

The truth is that we live in a reality constructed tangentially towards the trends of the changing times, and that in itself is always relative and constantly in flux. What this means is that life is not static. Situational changes happen, as we have seen ever so clearly. A case in point is COVID-19’s hostile takeover of the globe. This means that to an extent, there is a choice for us to take in changing the environment for ourselves and to move towards favourable outcomes.

One’s own appropriate fit may not mirror the solution of another’s perfect plan. For some it may be finally switching to a flexible job-arrangement; for others it may be enrolling in a degree course that you have longed for years to read – only that you did not then have the time (Hint: Study at SUSS!). Still, digressions aside.

Nevertheless, in making the best of the present moment, one might consider strategically yielding the hidden prize of solitude. Cultivate fortitude – a hidden strength and a psychological resource we can use to cope – and move forward, fully abounding in hope.

Ever Truly,


1st June 2020

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