#FacesOfSUSS – May Thinzar

I first heard about the biomedical engineering programme from a friend. Piqued with curiosity, I was happy to find out that SUSS offered a direct honours BSc Biomedical Engineering programme, with a robust curriculum that looked interesting. I applied for the course and was surprised to qualify for a two-course waiver, as I studied a similar module in polytechnic. My polytechnic courses were deemed relevant and met the school criteria as waive-able option.

There are many valuable memories of SUSS. From making new friends to meeting old ones unexpectedly in campus, to volunteering for the STEP Sociovation Forum. I initially thought this part-time programme would be unexciting and worried that I would not have the opportunity to make new friends, seeing that it is an after-work hours programme. I was happy to be wrong! I made plenty of friends, just by sitting next to them in class, and hosted group chats with lively discussions and helpful inputs from fellow programme seniors.

My first classmate was a 40+ year old gentleman who introduced himself and his friend sitting next to him. He hailed from a Music major and was enthusiastic to study an entirely different programme with fellow learners half his age. His friend turned out to be one of the hardest working students in class and would guide me through confusing topics covered in class. This helpful duo became my strongest emotional support in my school days, clarifying my doubts in lessons and easing my fear in this new schooling environment. They are my favourite memory of SUSS.

Another favourite memory was my final year capstone project. I had a great fear of it due to my limited knowledge on the subject. My supervisor, Dr. Vidya Sudarshan, was friendly and understanding. She systemically explained the project in great detail and encouraged me throughout the process, which was truly commendable. She guided me and singlehandedly turned this stressful experience into a memorable journey to remember for years to come. My constant interaction with her and her timely inputs led to the completion of my project in great time, despite many hurdles. This will be minted as one of my top SUSS moments too.

The course I undertook advanced my career development. I am intending to pursue further education and having a strong result from my SUSS BSc Biomedical Engineering programme has proven to be recognised by almost all my prospective schools. I am proud that my SUSS degree opened my higher education pathway.

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