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Self-Discoveries as Home-Work Takes On New Meaning

It used to be that homework is often associated with the extra worksheets that students have to do at home to further their learning and practice after the classroom sessions in school have ended.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, working adults are finding that home-work is now very much applicable to us too.  With our lives and living being upended, the acronym WFH is no stranger to all in the workforce, young and old.  Almost overnight, many seemingly impossible work- from-home job roles are now found to be possible, albeit not the most convenient.  But human beings are very adaptable and we have adjusted.  Now, when we mention Zoom, we know that we are not talking about speeding from the one place to another, although this platform still enables us to zoom across boundaries to meet one another online for discussions and collaborations.

Even the seniors in our midst are not spared from embracing new technology when they realise that the only way to see their children and grandchildren is to go online during the national circuit breaker period which is a “lockdown” of sorts. Grandpa and grandma are now digitally engaged!

With the intense blurring of lines between home and work, and the many distractions from family members, it is not surprising that many find ourselves longing to “get back to work”. It’s not that we have not been working at home (often even longer hours as we do not need to beat the peak hour traffic to rush home) but we find ourselves missing the connection with colleagues, the short few minutes of catch-up along the corridors and pantry or even restrooms, someone to hear you vent when faced with a difficult customer, the lunch banter, the favourite mala stall at the foodcourt or even the special coffee that the drinks stall uncle just seems to get it perfectly right to suit our taste.

These and more remind us that out there, outside the walls of our home, is an eco-system that we need to re-engage to keep us sane and satisfied. With the slow easing back to work in a new normal after the circuit breaker, let’s do our part to remain socially responsible so that we can enjoy the sounds and sights of familiar surroundings and the camaraderie of friends, even if it’s “one-metre apart”.

Keep well and keep safe.


Evelyn Chong
Director, Office of Student and Alumni Relations

Editor’s Note

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