Tell Us About Your uAlentine – Zack and Angela

Happy Friyay!

We are featuring a submission from alumnus Zack Tan and Angela Ng. They are the first to send us a video entry! They interacted because of a common BUS105 Statistics module. What are the chances of that happening! Let’s dive into their story:

Both Zack and Angela enrolled in January 2015 in different undergraduate programs. They met on a Hardwarezone forum that was created for the SUSS January 2015 cohort by a non-University source. One of the forum members suggested that they create a Whatsapp group and they both joined, sowing the seeds for their eventual meeting!

The module that sparked their relationship was BUS105 Statistics. They took this mandatory module in their first semester but in different classes. They met up in campus for the first time to work on the BUS105 Group Based Assignment. After that fruitful day, they started messaging each other outside of the cohort chat group.

In the beginning, they discussed school-related topics. As time went by, they started chatting about their work and personal life. Eventually, they realised that their communication has become a favourite part of their daily lives. They got together after their first semester’s final examination in June 2015.

Zack proposed in August 2017 and they held their ROM ceremony in March 2018. This happy occasion was followed by their joint Convocation in October 2018. In Zack’s fun conclusion, ‘Thank you SUSS for presenting us the gift of knowledge and love!’

Win a fully sponsored 2-hour photo-shoot on campus! We’re looking for families/ couples who met in SUSS or started their education journey here together. It could be you and your partner, parents, siblings or even relatives!

All you have to do is email [email protected] with both your PI numbers. We’ll contact all successful entries by 29 February 2020!

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