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Resilience & Adaptation – during a pandemic

We are all at the stage where we have to take the extra precaution for our well-being and adjust to the COVID-19  pandemic from the environment.

We know too that we need RESILIENCE and ADAPTATION to cope with and ride the storm.

Resilience – It is perhaps most needed at this time of the COVID-19. In a common dictionary meaning, it is an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. How apt.

With a resilient disposition, we are better able to maintain poise and a healthy level of physical and psychological wellness in the face of challenges; to squarely face this lurking danger and build strength to counter and not to be easily overwhelmed.

Resilience, however, is not something we can easily teach, inculcate or talk one into.

Naturally many of us will feel the stress.

Besides taking care of oneself by getting enough sleep, being physically active and eating healthily, it is also good to re-emphasize all the necessary things to equip and strengthen our resilience and help alleviate the tension. We could try relaxation activities like mindfulness, listening to music, having an interest/hobby, or whatever that are useful – to each his or her own.

It is often hard to focus on the more positive aspects of life to decrease negative thoughts when the circumstances seem bleak. Nonetheless, we need to try looking from all aspects – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual- in search of all the strength we need to face the challenges.

It is heartening to know that Resilience could often come from the deep human instincts of loving and caring -when we instinctively seek to survive and to help all those we love and care for. In fact, we often do care more about others than we do about ourselves.

Adaptation is also useful. It is also about adjustment. Fear will sometimes surface but it should not linger. It is good to note that we have lived through many perilous circumstances in our human history. The best way to face the storm is to acknowledge it and to adapt.  In the evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin was quoted to have mentioned that the one that survives is the one… that is most adaptable to change. It is to highlight the essence of being adaptive.

Many among us will be affected by it one way or another. Indeed, SUSS has adapted by postponing all non-essential events for now. However, SUSS will not stop engaging our alumni. Instead SUSS will be engaging them online or digitally. So please connect with our alma mater via our social media platforms and continue to support by logging into the alumni portal for the latest news and developments. To all those alumni out there who are caregivers or front line helpers, we salute and thank you for the selfless and courageous contribution in containing the spread of COVID- 19. Keep up the good work, bearing in mind we’re all behind you.

While there is the element of fear to overcome,  we will need to adapt and learn to live with it. A “new normal” may well emerge. Perhaps there will be a vaccine hopefully sooner than later. Certainly, we should do everything we can to protect ourselves. But that is different from living in fear. We should live as normally as we can and by embracing the precautions that we must take and adapt with utmost seriousness. Far more likely, humanity will “bend but not break.”  So there is authentic hope. We hope that humans will find adaptive and unanticipated ways to overcome this pandemic.

Fear and Despair are not the best strategies. Resilience and Adaptation will be.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

Dennis Tan Wu Chen

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