Call for Stories: Alumni on the Frontline

As Singapore continues to battle COVID-19, a new narrative has risen.

Instead of focusing on our new cases, the world is now taking notice of Singapore’s efficiency at crisis management and transparency with daily updates on the virus situation.

Speaking to The Epoch Times, Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Laurie Garrett mused that Singapore’s efforts will mark how the situation develops over the next six months and that ‘if Singapore can’t do it, if Singapore can’t keep it under control, then we’re all screwed because they’ve got the best system in the world.’ She also sung high praise for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who recently released a video breaking down the virus risks and precautionary measures taken by the government to contain the COVID-19 situation.

Our Prime Minister leads us by example. We will stay calm and keep vigilant in these trying times. The better we do our part, the less we impose on our frontline and medical officers.

If you’re an alumnus working on the frontline/ as an medical officer/ in a position directly related to the COVID-19 situation, and would like to share your story, do email us at [email protected]! We will be happy to send you a SUSS memorabilia as a token of our support and gratitude for your story and services.

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