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Doing Good: Driving Business and Social Excellence

Written by Jocelyn Huang

In this issue, we refer to Chapter 9 of The Heart of Learning book. Authored by Professor Lee Pui Mun, School of Business, the book talked about the dichotomy between the constructive and the destructive natures of human beings, and that human beings have the inherent desire to help one another with doing good as the basic fabric of advanced modern society.

Professor Lee believes that doing good should be sustainable and requires the participation of the masses through forming positive interactions and creating a civic and gracious society filled with empathy, courtesy and generosity. He further shared that social excellence advances the standard of living and enhances the quality of life.

As alumni, we too can play a pivotal role by serving the interests of the masses and improving the conditions of the less fortunate.

In endeavouring to sustain the social fabric, SUSS continues to infuse industry-relevant practices in its curriculum. One such strategic partnership with SPRING Singapore is the internationally benchmarked Business Excellence Framework that is incorporated in a stand-alone course offered by the School of Business. The course provides a great training opportunity to enlighten leadership quality and to embrace social responsibility and environmental sustainability. The Business Excellence Framework is a roadmap that organisations can use to enhance their businesses and contribute to social excellence through more reliable and gracious business transactions and service encounters. The framework not only focuses on meeting customers’ needs and wants, it also requires organisations to maintain a satisfied workforce and to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses, among others.

“Organisations that are able to achieve business excellence will play a part in advancing the standard of living and enhancing the quality of life through delivering quality products, quality service, improving their employees’ well-being, and helping the community through social responsibility and environmental sustainability efforts. Such outcomes reinforce social excellence,” said Professor Lee.

It is noteworthy to learn from Professor Lee that the Business Excellence framework is an interesting roadmap for any kind of organisation, from profit organisations to not-for-profit organisations and government institutions. Hence, there are limitless opportunities for SUSS alumni to support and drive business excellence framework throughout their careers. Moreover, the SUSS’ School of Business focus is to “bring the business world to the Business School” and vice versa through offering industry-relevant courses to working adult learners. In turn, these learners propagate the knowledge to their respective industries as advocates for its application. SUSS continues to play an important role towards achieving this goal.