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Lifelong Learning

Singapore University of Social Sciences embraces lifelong learning and believes that your learning doesn’t stop with your graduation. Take the opportunity to further your education through our graduate or continuing education programmes. You can choose to pursue a post graduate degree or diploma or even take individual courses that value-add to your career or self-improvement.

Alumni Continuing Education Schemes

Alumni Continuing Education Plus (ACE+) Scheme:

Eligible graduates can enjoy a maximum of 2 “free” modular courses (up to 10 Credit Units) at SUSS taken within two years after graduation. Read more.

Lifelong Learning Credit (L2C):

$500 credited to each alumnus to promote lifelong learning. Read more.

Continuing Education and Training (CET) Courses:

Over 200 courses each semester at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Read more.

Graduate Studies Programme:

Stackable programmes at the graduate certificate, graduate diploma, Master’s and Doctoral levels. Read more.


Alumni Continuing Education (ACE) Concessions

Continuing Education and Training (CET) Concessions:

Enjoy 20% course fee concession for SUSS CET modular courses and short courses. Read more.

Undergraduate Concessions:

Enjoy 20% course fee concession when alumnus enrol for an undergraduate programme with SUSS. Read more.

Postgraduate Concessions:

Enjoy 30% course fee concession for the first two master’s courses when alumnus enrol for a Graduate Diploma and/or Master’s programme with SUSS. Read more.