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The Heart of Learning aims to inspire change, and communicate SUSS’s character and passion through its:

  • Sense of social mission and service to society;
  • Practice educational orientation that gives direct application to the learning acquired and impact in the respective professions; and
  • Focus on the development of key lifelong learning skills in its learners.

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) launched The Heart of Learning book on 16 Oct 2017 to commemorate its status as an autonomous university.

The 24-chapter book provides an overview of SUSS’s educational approach, reinforcing the roles it seeks to play in the evolving tertiary education landscape in Singapore by incorporating different approaches and activities into the heart of learning at the University. This book is written by SUSS faculty who share their rich and diverse perspectives on today’s socio-economic issues and challenges, the impact of university education now and beyond, and how higher education should be broadened to support learning as a lifelong habit.

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The Bicentennial Experience

By Gregory Francis


Wow! The 200th anniversary of Raffles’ arrival in Singapore is upon us. It is an epic milestone in the history of our island nation. Let’s check out what our alumni can seek to experience in this journey of discovery.

For starters, find your place in history at the forgotten port town of Gelam-Rochor-Kallang or revisit Singapore’s original coastline at Telok Ayer Street where many immigrants first landed on our shores in the early 1800s through a series of unique light projections and heritage trails in the city centre.

Or visit the Asian Civilisations Museum – now till 28 April 2019 from 10.00am – 7.00pm daily and from 10.00am – 9.00pm on Fridays. The special exhibition is on “Raffles in Southeast Asia – Revisiting the Scholar and Statesman”. This exhibition, co-curated with the British Museum and in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial, presents a multi-layered picture of Raffles where his legacy is more complex than often understood.

There will also be a series of Bicentennial Roadshows around the island from March to April 2019. Unlock stories about the origins of the different places in Singapore and get to know Singapore’s long history intimately.

On 5 June 2019, visit the Istana open house for a showcase of our food heritage and take part in an exclusive photowalk activity organised by us. On 22 June 2019, join us on a guided tour as we explore the history of the rail corridor of Ulu Pandan. Full details can be found in here.

Take time to immerse yourself in our history and understand the efforts, trials and tribulations by men and women of the past to make Singapore what it is today – a truly global city.

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The Heart of Service Learning

By Lim Qiu Ping


Today, we refer to Chapter 16 of The Heart of Learning anthology, the essay titled ‘Service-Learning: Appreciating the Community as Co-Educator’, written by Ms. Cynthia Chang, Head of the Office of Service-Learning & Community Engagement, with support from Dr. Yap Meen Sheng, Director of the Centre for Experiential Learning, to find out more about how service-learning is experienced here in SUSS.

Enjoy the podcast!


More information about and how to download “The Heart of Learning” book can be found here.

May the message resonate with the students and alumni of SUSS that education begins with and has the power to touch the heart.