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Editor’s Note


2018 has come to a close. We should view such closure gratefully and look forward positively, joyously, to a new year.

We could look upon closure as a conclusion of an exam, or a project – with a sense of achievement; anticipating the next bigger thing.

The closure could also be viewed like a finishing line of a race – exhausting but satisfying.

Like a book, a closure leaves behind a gratifying chapter leading to an opening of a new fresh chapter.

2019 must be embraced with an engaging and opportunistic mind.

In this SUSS spirit of life-long professional development and community engagement, there is much that we all can look forward to.

The pursuit of excellence and fulfilment does not cease after graduation. Our beloved alma mater has launched the $500 Lifelong Learning Credit to spur us on our journey either in continuing education, career advancement or personal interest. Do make use of it.

In our increasingly challenging workspace, let’s take a glimpse at the life of two of our own recent graduates. Despite the odds, they showed their grit by contributing to society. In SUSScribe issue 43, we highlighted how Ms Amanda Chiam had spearheaded a service-learning project that offers free weekly tuition to children from low-income families; while Mr Zac Phan co-founded “Beyond Self”, a self-learning initiative that aims to empower and motivate vulnerable children. They are prime examples of those who go beyond the “self”, and put the breath into our SUSS credo of community giving.

On this happy inspiring note, let us celebrate all achievements – big and small – while wishing one another a happy (and fulfilling) year ahead!



Dennis Tan

Director’s Desk
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