Graduation Celebration

What do you get when you combine divine food, delectable desserts and a view of Marina Bay? A graduation celebration to remember!

Our Class of 2018 kicked off their pre-convocation festivities in style with a buffet at the amazing Seasonal Tastes. Perched atop the 32nd floor of Westin Singapore, the restaurant offered a panoramic view of the bustling Central Business District. Our graduates arrived bright and early to snag tables closest to the windows, drinking in the views while they waited for friends.

Upon entry, each graduate was given a lucky draw slip. Each alumnus had a chance to win the lucky draw items, provided they participated in the Human Bingo! Each alumnus had to find fellow alumnus that shared a certain set of traits, such as their birthday month, family name or hobby. There was a flurry of activities as our alumni rushed to find out more about one another. The most popular hobby? Sleeping! Not surprising given the tough juggling they had during their student days.

The second contest was an Instagram one. Our alumni had to upload photos of themselves at our graduation for a chance to win our attractive sports cameras. Our alumni whipped into action, displaying some fantastic photography styling! Cue the lipstick touch-ups, hair pats, arched legs and megawatt smiles.

Midway into the celebration, Singapore University of Social Sciences President, Professor Cheong Hee Kiat made his speech. He shared on his gratitude to the graduates’ families and friends for supporting the graduates throughout their journey. Glasses clinked and the party continued with the lucky draw prize announcement.

A total of 33 winners brought home an assortment of great prizes, from Golden Village movie tickets to sports cameras to food hampers. It was heartwarming seeing the winners’ friends cheer so enthusiastically, even though they didn’t manage to win prizes of their own. Our alumni truly have the most supportive families and friends!

Finally, we concluded the event with a big thank you to everyone for attending. Where do you think would be a great location for our graduation celebration next year? We would love to hear from you!

Written by Nicole Lee