Dear Fellow Alumni,

Unknowingly, we are nearing the middle of the year. Just like after a mid-year examination, many of us may want to ponder on how the time was spent, and perhaps to do some adjustments or improvements.

In my previous note, I mentioned setting New Year’s resolution. Reviewing the past months, we may realise that we may not be able to achieve or are dissatisfied with some of them. We may therefore consider setting new realistic goals mid-year. This may well set a more positive tone throughout the year.

Midyear is also the period during which Singapore students have their June holidays. For them, the maxim seems to be “time to keep the books and play”. Yes, it should be as it gives them a break, learn new things outside school and go to more places – the museums, an exhibition or a park. It is a good time for families to spend more time together, like going for a staycation.

Holidays are equally important to adults. Studies have shown that taking holidays away from work have physical as well as mental benefits. Many alumni planned their leave during school holidays to relax and spend time with their families. It is through these holidays that they usually get new experiences and memories they would remember for a lifetime!

During the holidays we should unwind. Travelling has been one of Singaporeans’ favourite interests, especially with more easing of pandemic measures. You can spend your spare time productively by exploring new places – especially locations you have always wanted to go to but never got down to doing it. Or you may want to explore some places in Singapore itself. There may well be some that will surprise you!

A good productive suggestion is to take up a short course at SUSS or attend interesting and fun workshops and other activities frequently organised by Alumni Relations. From this, you can even get to meet and know people having the same interests as you. I can assure you that it will be worth your time.

As for me, I would like to spend my holidays de-cluttering my home; trying out a new exercise regime; exploring new places or just doing nothing for a while. These sound like the ideal relaxing activities for me during the holidays.

An adage goes: Do the things you like doing. After all, it is your own time.

Enjoy your holidays and be of good cheer.

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” (Anthony J. D’Angelo)

Yours sincerely,
Dennis Tan