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Editor’s Note


Take a Break- Break into Volunteering

Take a Break…

When you and I were students at SUSS, our semester breaks were typically from mid- May to mid- July, and from mid- November to mid- January. If you have school-going children, the school holidays is a very good time for quality family bonding. For some, it’s a chance to go on vacation.

The key word here is break. Taking breaks are important for they refresh our mind and increase our productivity and creativity. There are other forms of breaks – for instance, many campuses also offer volunteering opportunity for students to spend their vacation doing service to their community and helping the less fortunate.

This resonates well with the university’s belief in contributing to society, allowing student volunteers to be more proactive in serving others.

At the start of this year, the Alumni Relations (AR) office and its alumni volunteers continue to warm the hearts of  seniors at NTUC SilverACE Centre through a Spring Cleaning event. Some adventurous alumni also helped to keep our water catchments clean through a kayak clean-up activity at Marina Barrage Reservoir.

In March, SUSS held the Volunteers Appreciation Night to thank the alumni and current students for their contributions to the university. During the dinner, awards were given out recognise the efforts of outstanding and long-serving volunteers. The friendship formed over the years of volunteering kept them returning to SUSS and giving back to the community. These passionate volunteers feel a sense of pride and belonging. Surely all these are within and part of us. Laughter rang throughout that Volunteers Appreciation Night. Surely volunteering is hearty and fun.

The year is but half full – so let’s fill it to the brim with good cheers and more volunteering work! Have an enjoyable and enriching second half of 2019!


Surely all these are within and part of us.

With laughter ringing throughout that Volunteers Appreciation Night;

Surely volunteering is hearty and fun.


Dennis Tan

Director’s Desk
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