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Congratulations on our 15th Anniversary – Growing together


We measure our journey by milestones and arrived at our 15th Anniversary now. This is a significant occasion because our alumni have increasingly not only been heard but seen building and displaying social consciousness and pursuing learning continuously to transform society. 

We begin our journey in 2005 as a private university and never stopped growing since. One major leap for our alumni was in 2016 when it was announced that SUSS would be the sixth Autonomous University (AU) in Singapore. We were renamed the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), as part of our restructuring into Singapore’s sixth AU in 2017.
Personally, my involvement started earlier when I graduated from the precedent SIM University in 2001. I volunteered to write articles for our alumni newsletter, ‘Connecting UniSIM’ as our university was known as UniSIM then.
In 2014, I was invited into the Alumni Newsletter Editorial Group (NEG). In 2017, when SIM University was renamed as Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), a call was made to all alumni to suggest a new name for our newsletter. “SUSScribe” (a composite of ‘SUSS’ and subscribe) was selected and that is how the name of our current newsletter came about. The newsletter is now published online.

Writing for our alumni newsletter, ‘SUSScribe’ has been an exciting, meaningful and fulfilling experience. I particularly remember joining many alumni on an extraordinary “Pre-CNY Shopping Trip to JB” on 7 February 2015 and wrote an article about it in our alumni newsletter enthusiastically.

Over the years, the Alumni Relations team and alumni volunteers have organised many activities for alumni to participate in and enjoy. Spanning from wine appreciation workshops to community engagement activities, there is a diverse mix of events to cater to individual interests. During each Chinese New Year, like this Year of the Ox, our Alumni Relations team has red packets for each alumnus who submitted a request.

We have achieved a lot during these fifteen years. I am sure when we continue to participate, volunteer or simply to observe, we would have contributed and engage in our own ways. Thus, on this 15th anniversary, I would like to encourage more alumni to come forward to enhance and enliven our alumni community. It was and still is a fulfilling, interesting and joyful engagement for me.
At every milestone, we tend to reflect, take stock and anticipate the future. Despite the pandemic last year and into 2021, our activities are impacted but we have to persevere and soldier on with improvisation (e.g. organising virtual events) to continue to support and uplift our alumni. Therefore, I am sanguine that the future holds sweet promise and together we shall go forth bravely in building more milestones of honour for our alma mater.

Congratulations and cheers to a great 15 years!

Dennis Tan Wu Chen

Director’s Desk

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