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Renew and Embrace the New

A new decade will soon be upon us.  I am not sure if you feel the same as me, but turbulence and change seem to be coming at us at an increasing rate. We can safely predict that in the new decade, there will be new advancements in technology as well as new changes in climate and world order that will power new needs, fuel new models of work and play and drive new behaviours.  So how do we equip ourselves to meet all the “new”s in our lives?  It looks like we have no choice but to renew our mindsets, knowledge and skills to embrace the new!

In this issue, we share with you the story of Mr. Sng Hock Lin, one of our alumni who truly embodies the model of a lifelong learner.  He already has three Master degrees under his belt and is working towards his PhD! It is not a paper chase but a passion for new knowledge and the desire to contribute back to society that drives him. He is an inspiration to many of us working adults, often struggling to strike that balance between work, family, community and social commitments, even without adding learning into the mix.

Another timely reminder of the need to renew oneself came from Prof Ang Hak Seng, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth who was Guest of Honour at the closing session of Convocation 2019 on 11 Oct 2019.  His three “C”s (Collect, Connect and Collaborate) resonated very well with both the graduands and guests present at the ceremony.  Access his speech and check out more highlights of Convocation 2019 on the SUSS website.

As we map our paths along life’s journey, each of us can try our hand at future-gazing to help us navigate the new landscape. In fact, most of us do it sub-consciously in the decisions we make.  Perhaps we should do so more consciously, taking into consideration how our actions and decisions will impact ourselves (livelihood and self-actualisation), our family (strengthening of family ties and support), society at large (social consciousness and impact) and the future generation (environmental impact, etc.).

As we close the year, here’s wishing everyone a new and exciting journey in the new decade ahead.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Evelyn Chong
Director, Office of Student and Alumni Relations

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