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Director’s Desk


Past, Present, Future… The Building Never Stops

2019 is the year when Singapore celebrates our bicentennial. None of us living today would have been here since the beginning of time in Singapore’s history. But I think that we will all appreciate that an understanding of our roots will give us the impetus to build upon the strong foundation of those who had struggled and toiled to bring us to where we are today… giving us an opportunity to celebrate.

This chance to celebrate is not something that we should take for granted. We have the means to do so because of many sacrifices, shrewd decisions and investments of time, money, heart and soul by many of our forefathers. Sure, in any society, there are setbacks, failures, low and high points as we ride the tide of change across the decades and centuries. The important reminder is how these challenges have not destroyed us but were overcome to propel us to where we are today.

In reflecting upon Singapore’s bicentennial celebrations, SUSS as a university that’s still in its early years of establishment (we have not even crossed our teens) can draw many valuable lessons from the pioneering journey of Singapore. Just like Singapore, SUSS too will never be done building. How do we want the University to grow so that we will be the university of choice for lifelong learning? How and when can we make an impact in the lives of people who come through our doors at various life stages. It would be a good measure of success if we have inculcated the Head, Heart and Habit values in them during their learning journey with us.

SUSS’s bicentennial may be aeons from now. But imagine that day when it is time for SUSS to celebrate our bicentennial (all of us will be long gone by then), our descendants would have much cause for celebration and heartening stories to tell.

The future starts now. Let’s all be authors of the SUSS success story which our successors will be proud to tell.



Evelyn Chong
Director, Office of Student and Alumni Relations

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