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What Do I Have To Give?

Whenever there is a fund-raising drive or appeal for a cause, many will think, hmmm it’s a good cause but I will leave it to those with the capacity and the means to give.  Why does this thought come to mind? Oftentimes it is a feeling of inadequacy, the feeling of – I am not good enough, I do not have the means, I do not have the skills, I do not have the time…

 But is giving really all that “major”? Does it have to be some grand gesture that will make a great impact?  If we really think about it, everyone has the capacity to give, even those who regard themselves among the less privileged and perhaps the ones needing the help.  

I would like to offer the view that giving need not only be financial in nature, important though it is.  Giving can be a simple act of kindness, a word of concern, a show of empathy or even the offer of a listening ear or shoulder for another to lean or cry on. 

Every offer or act to reach out in sincerity can and often will make a difference in the lives of those at the receiving end.  And I dare say, it will also positively impact the giver as well.  Never underestimate your ability to ease the pain of another by an offer to help, giving that pat of encouragement or a smile or reassurance, or sometimes even just by being there!     

Such gestures and acts are even more appreciated at this time when the world is battling a common enemy, the Covid-19 virus which has wreaked havoc and devastated the world.  No one is above being impacted, in that sense it can be regarded as most impartial in who it wants to be bedfellow with.

Humanity needs to be equally single-minded, uniting together to overcome this common foe.  We need to reach to help one another, whether in financial terms, ensuring that we help each other keep safe, spreading positivity to those who may be under mental strain due to loss of a family member, job or even being confined to the home due to lockdowns imposed.  

The capacity to give is a token that we all have in our hands.  In keeping with our Head, Heart and Habit education philosophy, let’s offer our heart and reach out in our own small ways to give what we can, whether in material or emotional terms. 

Let’s remember that we can give!

Keep well and stay safe. 

Editor’s Note

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