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Mutual Attractions

In this issue of SUSScribe, I have noted that many of our events, whether past or upcoming ones are about purposeful partnerships. When two or more like-minded individuals or groups come together for a common purpose, the probability of success is often much greater than walking the journey alone.

For the first time, Alumni Relations partnered our colleagues from the Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) at the Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2019 to offer our alumni priority booking to the screening of the award-winning film, “Being Human.”  To top this off, we also subsidised the ticket price! Alumni who took up the offer had a great time as it was indeed a heart-warming movie that was aligned with the university’s emphasis on social consciousness and making a social impact.

In April, SUSS saw the official inauguration of the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) as an autonomous institute within the SUSS family, teamed up to advance adult education. The tie-up between SUSS and IAL will contribute towards Singapore’s vision of becoming a world leader in cultivating lifelong learning.

In partnerships, actions speak louder than words.  It will be even better if if being collaborative is embedded in our DNA. For this, Alumni Relations partnered the Schools to curate a D.N.A. series, where  alumni come together to Discuss industry hot topics, Network with like-minded individuals and Acquire professional skills and knowledge.

We welcome you to partner us through active participation and spreading the news to fellow alumni.  Partner and progress with SUSS!


Evelyn Chong
Director, Office of Student and Alumni Relations

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