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Are You Analog Or Digital

I read with some amusement, an article in the Sunday Times published on 29 Aug 2021 that there is now a new category to describe digitally savvy individuals. This group is termed the Senior Millennials. Seems like an oxymoron as the term senior is never associated with millennials. This group in their 30-40s have experienced both the analog and digital worlds and are supposedly comfortable with both.

Whatever the label, we can’t run away from the fact that we need to upskill in this digital age if we do not want to be left behind or rendered inefficient or helpless in going about our everyday lives. In a sense, the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly speeded up our adoption of digitalization such that even the seniors are now adept at using digital platforms e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook and Zoom to connect with their family members, colleagues or associates, both locally and overseas. 

For Alumni Relations, we have also been more active on digital media platforms for alumni engagement, especially during this pandemic. We have placed more of our information in bite-sized format that are easy to access and digest so that alumni can get their information JIT (just in time – 24/7). These short video clips are available to help you execute simple operations such as event registration, request certification letters, update your particulars, view job postings etc. For the list of online self-help videos, please click here. AR has also developed a knowledge bank of FAQs, accessible via the Alumni Portal, for you to self-access at your convenience instead of calling us for the same information. 

Being digitally savvy also means that we can self-access more information online instead of having to rely on others to provide us the information via phone or over the counter. Many day-to-day activities such as shopping, making payments, visiting a doctor and calling for a taxi have now morphed into apps offering online shopping, digital payments, telemedicine and car hailing.

Every journey begins with the first step. Whatever the stage of your digital savviness, our Centre for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) offers continuing education courses on digitalization for all levels, from basic to advanced. Whether you have just hopped on the digitalization bandwagon or are already a frequent rider, there is something for everyone. Hop on for an exciting ride!

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