Let’s Talk Digital

By Dennis Tan

It couldn’t be more timely to conduct a Digital Talk, as we embark on an increasingly connected digital world.

And our alumni – some had left school many years ago at a time when the world was far less connected digitally – returned in droves. Many brought their spouses and like-minded friends along to update themselves on digital developments so as not to be left behind. Nearly 50 people attended this event held in Q1.

There was almost an audible air of anticipation as the attendees got their devices – the ubiquitous mobile phones – ready. These were their weapons, so to speak, like a platoon learning the art of firing during army training.

As soon as the class settled down, the trainer, alumna Ms Katherine Ho, started out with some introduction on the types of apps available in the market. The “weapons” she mentioned were quite varied, with many brands and makes from various countries.

Since there were so many apps and platforms available but only limited time to learn them even briefly, we had to choose which app we wanted to know more about in some depth. We could choose between Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube. The attendees were allowed to vote on their choice with a show of hand. Ultimately, Instagram won the day with the most votes.

Katherine wasted no time in delving into the subject. She had a visualiser projecting on the screen, enabling all participants to have a better view of her presentation. As the class progressed, assistants were going round to help those who needed additional guidance.

After a short refreshment break, the talk continued, this time more details were given on the dos and don’ts of using Instagram, and the beauty of having your “happening” shots shared instantaneously with all and sundry. At the same time, one can also keep a photo album in the cloud and photos of others whom you like. This is indeed a far cry from a time not too long ago when photos amassed on that little handphone of yours would have needed a cupboard full of albums.

The class, alas, soon came to an end. But it had sparked further interest in the digital world among the attendees, who went home armed with greater knowledge and skills on how to navigate this platform. They were surely more enlightened than before the talk. Kudos to all attendees for embracing lifelong learning.  Keep it up!