A Virtual Consultation with the Career Experts

By Brigitte Wong

SUSS collaborated with NTUC U PME Centre on a series of career-related webinars for August and September.  The series kicked-off with the first webinar “Charting Your Career” on 7 August.  Alumni had a chance to hear from NTUC U PME Centre trainers, Mr. Herjeet Singh and Ms. Loh Pui Chun, about increasing one’s employability.

The session started with an introduction of the techniques of resume-writing by Ms. Loh Pui Chun, who took the time to carefully explain how good resumes attend to key details such as structure. It was a refresher to those who have not touched their resumes in a while. Participants were thankful for Ms. Loh’s meticulousness in explaining the pedantic necessities to a job profile. 

Mr. Herjeet Singh took over the beat and demonstrated how potential job seekers can configure their job applications strategically to help them get through the doors. A tactic was to have keywords that would be picked up by this software known as the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which matches your resume profiles against the same keywords listed within the job posting. 

Both trainers concluded the webinar with their keywords: advice, opportunity, and the power of the union – tools that SUSS graduates can use to enhance their chances during this challenging job search climate. 

Webinars like these reflect a series of new initiatives taken by SUSS to engage its students and alumni, helping them gain employment while tiding through the difficult times ahead. Stay tuned to upcoming events that would cover other aspects of the SUSS community’s needs, as the Alumni Relations team susses out more instalments and exciting new initiatives!

In the meantime, take care and make sure to SUSScribe to the various other SUSS Alumni Relations (AR) resources! Stay safe, stay healthy, and be well.

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